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Welcome to UK MASDA

Welcome to the official website of The United Kingdom Martial Arts Self Defence Association (UK MASDA).

Our association will offer you and your group or club everything you need to be both successful, professional and respected in your career as a martial artist. Whether you are a newly qualified instructor looking to grow with support and recognition of an association with the highest standing or you have been training for some time and you wish to switch to an association that has never compromised on quality and professionalism or its support and service then affiliating to the UK MASDA is the right move for you.

The UK MASDA not only provides quality licence books and grading certificates for your club but a complete support system is also available to those instructors who wish to reach the top of their field.

All potential UK MASDA clubs are welcome to visit our headquarters which houses one of the most successful Martial Arts Academy’s to have been continuously in operation in the UK since 1999.

Both part time instructors operating out of village halls, schools and community centres and full time instructors and coaches are already experiencing growth and success by affiliating to UK MASDA. Please go to our contact section to arrange a discussion with our founder Laurence Sandum about joining. Why not pay us a visit or speak to other clubs within the association about their positive experiences.