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The UK MASDA provides the following key services that we truly believe set us apart from other associations due to the quality we provide:

  • Equipment
  • Certified Instructors Training
  • First Aid Courses
  • Networking
  • Instructor training
  • Grading examiner courses
  • Licence book
  • Grading certificates
  • Certification in Martial Arts.

The above areas are of the highest quality and create a professional image. Image is crucial.

Special options are available for exclusive UK MASDA branding and representation, including exclusive areas and territories.

Our Association is about trustworthiness, honesty and integrity within the Martial Arts. We stand for premium quality, not quantity. We do not interfere within the day to day running of or club and only offer support and advise when asked. However, to maintain our standards we do not accept everyone. We can offer grade recognition and promotion after the appropriate checks or assessments in most known arts.

However we are not like some organisations, we will not ratify gradings without first meeting you and seeing a genuine CV and certificate or seeing a performance of your curriculum.

Important note to all students and members:

We are not an insurance provider and do not take responsibility for injuries of members and members clubs.  We recommend to all instructors and clubs that they should take out insurance and suggest reputable insurance providers but we cannot guarantee that club instructors or their members are insured or take out this cover.  It is up to each individual instructor to take out their own insurance for themselves and their members.  It is the students responsibility to check with the instructor that they are insured.  Your licence book is not a record that you have insurance or your instructor or group has taken out an insurance policy.  Your UK MASDA licence book is to show that you are an up to date member of the association and to record your grades.  It does not represent that you are insured.